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Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

How can I efficiently manage my IT Solution?

Managing a business requires great passion and precious resources.   Expending precious resources to manage an IT solution may seem to work but, it’s just not efficient.   By utilizing the experts at The Inter Connect Network (ICN), your IT solution can be better more efficiently managed while leaving your precious resources free for other activities.

How we manage your IT Solution.

ICN’s Managed IT Services takes a comprehensive approach to Managed IT Support.  In operation, we take ownership and responsibility for the smooth operation of your IT solution.  This includes: Internet connectivity, cloud services, branch office support, security appliances, servers, messaging systems (e-mail), printing devices, wireless devices, client computers and of course, your end users.

Remote Management

With ICN’s Remote Management Services most IT service requests are expertly solved without the burden of travel.  No matter what the issue: troubleshooting, installing updates or deploying software, the end result is an efficient, low-cost strategy for managing your IT infrastructure.  It’s like having your own IT staff at a fraction of the cost.

Remote Monitoring

ICN’s Remote Management Services start with our Remote Monitoring Services.  By analyzing your IT solution's telemetry on a 24/7 basis, potential problems and down times can be prevented.  ICN's experts monitor hundreds of data points on a daily basis to ensure that your system is running as it should.

Help Desk Services

With ICN’s Help Desk Services the client's employees contact ICN directly for the help they need.  Whether it's a support question or a troubleshooting issue you can be sure an expert will solve the issue quickly!

On-Site Services

For those times when remote management can’t help, ICN’s On-Site Services pick-up the load.  Our expert technicians show-up on-site, ready to solve any problem.  No matter what the issue; hardware failures, compromised systems or lost Internet connectivity, the experts at ICN will have your system back in order as quick as possible.

ICN's Managed IT Services

  • Infrastructure Design & Management
  • Server Specification, Deployment & Service
  • Client Specification, Deployment & Service
  • Windows / Mac OS X Integration
  • Help Desk Services
  • Remote and On-Site Services
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Backup Strategies & Deployment
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Enterprise E-Mail
  • Security & Exploit Prevention
  • iPhone, iPad and Android Enterprise Integration

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