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Custom Applications for the Real World

Sometimes, when there’s no room for compromise and your business needs just the right application to be managed properly, the solution is to use a custom application.   For that application to be just right requires just the right team.   With our business experience and in-depth understanding of the tools available, the experts at The Inter Connect Network can analyze and design a custom application specifically for the way you run your business.   No matter what the requirement: a Web based application, a database business management system, or a mobile device application, ICN provides the expertise needed to fully design and integrate a custom application into your business!

Application Types

  • Enterprise Database Applications
  • Stand-Alone Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Google Maps Integration

Target Platforms

  • iOS Devices – iPhones & iPads
  • Android Devices – Phones & Tablets
  • Desktop Systems – Stand Alone & Enterprise Systems
  • Enterprise Servers – Database Applications, Services
  • Web Servers – Web Apps, eCommerce, CMS, Web Forms

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio – ASPX, HTML, C++, C#
  • Dreamweaver – PHP, HTML
  • X code – Objective C - iOS Development
  • Android SDK – Android Development
  • Microsoft SQL - Databases
  • IIS & Apache – Web Services

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