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Microsoft Exchange with ActiveSync

How do I collaborate with my team?

Without a doubt, today’s e-mail and collaboration tool of choice is the Microsoft Exchange Server.   With millions of Internet connected deployments each year, it makes sense that most Smartphone’s include support for the Exchange platform.   The common denominator for this support is Microsoft's ActiveSync technology.   Simply put, ActiveSync enables the mobile device user to synchronize their Microsoft Exchange data with their mobile devices just like they do with their desktop Outlook.   This ability has revolutionized the way mobile users’ access collaborative data such as e-mail, contacts and schedules.

At The Inter Connect Network, we specialize in the secure, encrypted deployment and hosting of Microsoft Exchange with ActiveSync technology throughout the whole range of ActiveSync devices.

Microsoft Exchange with ActiveSync Services

  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Server Deployment
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Server Hosting
  • Secure Enterprise Deployment of ActiveSync Devices
  • Remote Management and Monitoring of ActiveSync Services
  • Remote Management and Monitoring of Microsoft Exchange Servers

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